A+ Drillers – The History

Even our team name illustrates what we are all about – A+.  Why A+ Drillers?  Allen Cougot, founder of A+ Academy, coached the Texas Drillers as his son participated through tournament ball many years ago.  The Texas Drillers won many tournaments including the following National – World Series events:

10u Pony World Series – Dallas Texas – Teams from across the nation incluing Puerto Rico, California, Florida, etc.  (Swept event – never losing a game)

11U Dizzy Dean World Series  (Swept event – never losing a game)

12u Triple Crown World Series  (Swept the event – never losing a game)

13u USSSA Major World Series, 72 teams (Won event losing just one game)

4 Consecutive World Series events with just one lost!!!!!!!

While the old Texas Drillers were participating with their respected HS teams, Allen Cougot Started A+ Academy bringing back the Driller name but this time changing to “A+ Drillers”.  Allen’s invlovement with the exciting times of college recruiting of all the old Texas Drillers reinforced to Allen that while all were superior ball players with a great baseball resume, the A+ in the classroom proved so very important.

So why A+?  A+ Drillers is striving towards A+ in the classroom and on-off the field!

A+ continues to win but now with a different mind set – Raise fine young men and see how far they go in life.

National Champions

10u National – 2011

12u National – 2012


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